​Welcome to Bamboo Spa

Best nail & spa studio in Hanoi Old Quarter.

All the best of Hanoi, jammed in one tiny, traditional tubal building!

Offering comprehensive services with compact spa treatments and a souvenir shop selling eco-friendly products, Bamboo spa is the place you cannot miss when visiting Hanoi. Whether you come for a drink, for a gel fix or for a relaxing time to pamper yourself, we guarantee that it's a unique and truly Hanoian hospitality.

OPENING HOURS: 09:00am - 11:00pm, everyday.


DEEP TISSUE 60/75/90 min: 370/ 420/ 480,000

THAI MASSAGE 60/75/90 min: 370/ 420/ 480,000

4-in-1 Signature massage 90/120 min: 500/700,000

GEL manicure/ pedicure: 120,000/set

Book Online Or CALL US: 0338 72 2323

What We offer

Pamper yourself with exclusive treatment service (all in private rooms) at Bamboo. We offer body scrub, total rejuvenation, facial and body skin care.  


Enjoy the most relaxing moments you can ever find, with a quality team of therapists.

Bamboo use quality products from Dermalogica, with customised treatment and procedure based on your skin needs.

We specialise in anti-aging, dry to very dry skin and vitamin treatment.

We offer service with CND luxury products, with safety guarantee to even young children and pregnant women.

Gentlemen, you are more than welcome! Check out our callus smoother treatment or a basic manicure to get your nails all shine again!

5 Best things to do @Bamboohanoi
1 - People watching!

Hang Non is one of the busiest streets in Hanoi Old Quarter, and one of the less touristic. You will catch a glance of the nearby Hang Thiec where artisans craft their metal work, or at the intersection of Hang Non x Hang Thiec where locals jam every lunch and dinner for the famous Bun Ngan delicacy (noodle with duck).

You can sit inside or outside, but we guarantee it's the one of its kind people watching you can find in the Old Quarter!

2 - Enjoy local fruit juice

We are not the best bartender in town, but we are the most enthusiastic in introducing you to local stuff! Forget Starbucks or other world's brand. At Bamboo we use the seasonal fruits in our mix, some of which you never know of until you visit us! Try Ambarella cold press, or Durian Avocado Smoothie for a change.


And hey if you need something to boost, our coconut coffee is legendary too.  

3 - Colour your nails

With exclusive CND products and multitude of colours, we want to make your nails shine. When was the last time you have a real manicure/pedicure?

4 - Have a massage


Here is our last kept secret. 

Our upper floors, all private single or double room, are dedicated to a space for your total wellbeing! All of our massage is in form of wholly treatment that includes scrub, wrap and massage, which will give you a total bliss from start to finish.

Make sure to book your appointment in advance so we can make the best arrangement for your relaxing time!

5 - Just chill


Sometimes you just need a place to unwind and get away from your routine. Bamboo is the place to be! Take your time, enjoy your juice/coffee and hang out with your close friends or just spend time with yourself. 

Our ultimate goal is just to give everyone a true sense of Hanoian hospitality. You are more than welcome to find us your local friends at Bamboo!

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Address: 23 Hang Non, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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